Winter time in Plett – nothing to do?

As soon as ‘season’ ends then travellers and locals alike seem to think it becomes cold and wet and there is ‘nothing to do’ in the area.

How wrong is this way of thinking! The same activities are available without the crowds that accompany ‘season’. This is what a few travellers have discovered during their winter travels along the Garden Route.

The average daytime temperature from June to September is 21 deg C. Hardly what you would call cold! The average minimum night time temperatures for that period is between 7 and 9 deg C. Not exactly freezing – after all, this is when you are in bed.

So, the daytime temperatures still allow for the usual activities in the area – at a slower quieter pace.

This ‘secret season’ of Plett also comes with loads of special offer from accommodation establishments and restaurants to entice the fewer travellers into their businesses. What better time to plan a few days away.

Hope to see you during the 2015 ‘Secret Season’ in Plettenberg Bay.